Mission & Values

The mission of the vartan group is socially, environmentally, and economically responsible real estate investment in the Capital area.

Our mission and our values espouse the "triple-bottom line." This approach is founded on the notion that, in a world of scarcity and limited resources, investment of these limited resources must be sustainable.

Diagram: Our Triple-Bottom Line

Socially-responsible real estate investment accrues to the benefit of the community that it impacts—providing jobs, ensuring a high standard of health and safety, and promoting a comity befitting of neighbors. We commit to a style of investment that advances Harrisburg's betterment and, to the best of our ability, the lives of the people here.

Environmentally-responsible real estate investment is judicious in its accommodation of mankind's impact upon the earth—alleviating stress on public infrastructure like roads and sewer lines, fighting suburban sprawl by directing investment closer to urban cores, and finding efficient solutions for energy consumption demand. We commit to conscientious stewardship of our earth's natural resources.

Economically-responsible real estate investment is commercially profitable—from the investors who earn a return on capital, to the households or businesspeople who endeavor to live and work within their means, to the employees of the contractors and sub-contractors who earn wages. We commit to creating opportunities for profitable participation for all our stakeholders.